●Official video is now available!
Thank you very much for participating in this year’s race. The official video for the 2019 Ebino Kougen Extreme is now available and can be watched from the link below.
We would also like to continue to work with the National Parks Foundation and the local nature guides in maintaining the mountain trails.
Click here to watch the official video →【
●Race Results / Race Photos
The official race results are now available. Please click on the link below.
→【Race Results
《Completion Rate》 Long … 56.3% / Short … 57.1%

Photos from the race are also now available on the Photo Gallery page. Similar to last year, these were photos taken over 2 days (20th and 21st).
Please check out the photos.
Note: Everyone is free to download and use all the photos posted to our Facebook and Instagram SNS accounts as long as the photos are not altered in anyway.
→【Photo Gallery

The 7th edition of the race was held as planned despite the rainy weather.
We know that many racers participating in the long category were really looking forward to the latter half of the course and we’re very sorry that the race course had to be shortened due to the bad weather.
We would like to thank everyone who made this race possible including all the racers, and all the staff and local people of Ebino City, Kirishima City and Wakimizu Town who helped with this race.
We look forward to your participation and cooperation again next year!
●Long Course will be shortened
Although we had hoped the weather would improve when the race started, a decision has been made to shorten the Long Course category given the increased risks associated with the deteriorating weather conditions.
For the Long Course category, the course has been shortened and AS3 Ebino Kougen Picnic Area will be the new finish line.
Racers who reach this finish line will be considered to have completed the race in full and we will be applying for ITRA points.
Given the weather conditions, we will handing out finisher’s certificates and holding the awards ceremony at Ebino Kougen.
The food that was originally for AS3 and AS4 will also be served at Ebino Kougen-sou Hotel.
●Regarding today’s race
Today’s race will be taking place as scheduled.
However, depending on the weather, in order to ensure the safety of the runners and staff, the race may be stopped during the race or the Long Course category race course may be shortened in which case the new finish line will be the same as the Short Course (3rd aid station – Picnic Area).
Thank you for your understanding.
●Regarding tomorrow’s race
Tomorrow’s race will be taking place as scheduled however, given the poor weather conditions, the kid’s race that was to be held today will unfortunately be cancelled.
Participants prizes can be picked up at the front desk of the Ebino Kougen-so Hotel.

Also, given the weather, the pre-race party will be held as follows.

Racer check-in times: ①13:00~17:00、②18:30~20:00

●Location: Ebino Kougen Rest Center (the old Ebino Kougen Ashiyu-no-eki) → GoogleMap
●Time: 17:00 – 18:30

※Please show your racer bib at the entrance.
※There are no parking spaces available at the venue, please park your car in the parking lots.
※Space will be limited. Thank you for your understanding.
●【IMADOKO+】Emergency Contact Function
During the race, racers are encouraged to use the “IMADOKO” smartphone application to contact race headquarters in case you run into trouble (e.g. if you get lost, injured or become sick) and are unable to continue the race.
This application will allow you to telephone race headquarters and will also share your location information.
We strongly recommend that you download the “IMADOKO” application for your own safety.
→《See details here
●Race course map (7th edition) is now available
While we are preparing for this weekend’s race, the weather forecast indicates that a typhoon (#5) is approaching Kyushu on the day of the race.
We will be checking the rainfall forecast over the upcoming days and will make a final decision as to whether the race will/will not be cancelled by Saturday, July 20 th at 9:00AM and will notify all runners on the race website as well as on Facebook.
●Race course map (7th edition) is now available
The race course map for the 7th edition of the race is now available. Please check this latest version from the “COURSE” page.
→《Course Page
●Racer Information package has been released
The Racer Information package has been released. Please read through it carefully before participating in the race.
Racer Information (Long/Short Courses)》/ 《Racer Information (Kids)
●Special Race Event – “Stamp Rally”
Anyone can participate in the free Stamp Rally by using the “Imadoko” location application used by the race. If you collect 5 stamps out of 10 located in the vicinity of the race course, you will be eligible to win a prize. The prize is a surprise!
See here for details
●Parking permits have been mailed out
For those who’ve purchased parking passes, we’ve just mailed out a postcard that will be your “parking permit proof”. If you don’t have this permit, you will not be allowed to park on the day of and before the race near the race venue (Ebino Kougen). If you applied for a permit but did not receive your postcard, please contact race headquarters.
●Information about ”Imadoko +”
During the race, a smartphone application that will let you see your location will be available. This application is very useful during the night time, when there is fog and you can’t see the landforms around you as well as if you’ve become lost. Also, you and your friends and family can share location information so that you can check each other’s location on the map. Please download the “Imadoko” application on your smartphone (available for both Android and iOS) and select “Kirishima Ebino-Kougen Extreme Trail” which will show you the race course map. The initial map displayed is based on GoogleMAPS but you can change your settings to display the race course based on the topographic maps issued by the Geographical Information Authority of Japan.

See here for details.↓↓↓↓↓
●Downgrade of alert level for Iouyama
On Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 11am, the volcanic alert level of Iouyama near the race course was downgraded from level 2 to 1. If this condition continues, the race course will return to the normal course after 2 years. Even if the alert level goes back to level 2, we have another alternate route planned and will not be a double loop of the same course. Have fun during the summer Kirishima Ebino Kougen Extreme Trail!!
●Free Shuttle Bus
There will be free shuttle buses running between the race start area in Ebino Kougen and the temporary race parking lots located in Kirishima Hotsprings (霧島温泉郷)and in Kirishima City and Green Park(グリーンパーク) in Ebino City.
Please sign up for the shuttle bus from here:
●Accommodations – Special rates
Special rates are available at selected accommodations. Please contact the hotel directly and tell them that you will be participating in the KIRISHIMA EBINO-KOUGEN EXTREME TRAIL RACE when booking your accommodations.
List of accommodations:
●2019 Race Registrations
The race website for 2019 has been updated and race registrations are now open!
Entries are based on a first come first serve basis until all the entry spots reserved for overseas/non-Japanese runners are filled. Registrations in English can be done from the Avid Adventures online entry system. We look forward to seeing you at the race!