Race Name Kirishima Ebino-Kougen Extreme Trail (7th Edition)
Race Objective To promote tourism in the Kirishima and Ebino Kougen regions through outdoor sports activities.
Race Mission Our mission is to invite people from all over the world to come experience the spectacular nature and culture of the Ebino Kougen and Kirishima Geopark regions by connecting the more than 60km of trails, footpaths and forest roads within Kirishima National Park.
Date 【Racer check-in ・ Pre-race party:】 Sat. July 20, 2019 /【Race:】 Sun. July 21, 2019
Location Ebino City (Miyazaki Prefecture), Kirishima City (Kagoshima Prefecture), Yusui Town (Kagoshima Prefecture) regions
Start/Finish: Ebino Kougen Picnic Area
●Map:( http://goo.gl/pnxkDK
Race Organizer Kirishima Ebino-Kougen Extreme Trail Race Committee
Race Director Universal Field Co., Ltd. (Satoshi Takaki)
Backed by Miyazaki Prefecture, Kagoshima Prefecture, Ebino City, Kirishima City, Yusui Town, Miyazaki Convention and Visitors Bureau,
Ebino City Tourism Association, Kirishima City Tourism Association, Kirishima Sanroku Yusui Town Tourism Association
Supported by Kirishima Nature Guide Club
Race Distance Long course: 63km (Total elevation gain 3,059m)
Short course: 37km (Total elevation gain 1,900m)
Kids course: 3km (primary school students and younger)
# of Racers 600
Race Entry Fees Long course: JPY 14,000 (600 participants)
Short course: JPY 9,000 (400 participants)
Kids course: JPY 1,000 (30 participants)
  • ※Entry fee includes sports insurance, participation prize, aid stations, pre-race party.
  • ※A portion of the race entry fee proceeds is used to support local groups who maintain and manage the trails in this area as well as for environmental protection activities.
  • ※Proceeds are also used for environmental impact studies research carried out after the race.
  • ※The long course category includes 50 spots reserved for overseas registrants as well as Furusato Nouzei entries.
  • ※Please note: It is customary in Japan for race registration sites to charge a system usage charge. This fee will be added to your registration fee when signing up for the race.
Cut-off Times Long course: 14 hours
Short course: 8 hours
Race Registration Overseas & Non-Japanese entries: Open on Sat. April 6, 2019 – Entries still available
Avid Adventures online entry system:

Japanese entries: Thu. March 21, 2019 (from 22:00 JST) – Closed (entries full)
Universal Field online entry system(http://universal-field.com/
(User registration required. Please register beforehand)

●Race registration finalized once payment is confirmed. Registration on a first come first serve basis until all the spot have been filled.
●If payment is made after race registration closes, your race fee will be refunded less an administrative and bank service charge fee.
Cancellations No cancellation refunds for any reason after registration closes.
Racer Qualifications 【For both Long & Short courses, the racer:】
●Must be 18 years of age or older as of race day
●Must have the confidence to complete the entire course within the cut-off times.
●Have consideration for the environment and other trail users as the race course goes through national parks.
●Have respect for the environment and promise not to step off the trails even during bad weather.

【For the Long course:】
●Must have completed a trail running race over 30km within the past 2 years  (between March 21, 2017 – March 20, 2019)
●Definition of “trail running race” as per the Kirishima Ebino-Kougen Extreme Trail rules:
1) The entire course and distance must be announced by the organizer.
2) Race time must be measured and provable by the race organizer.
3) The course must include at least 70% unpaved fire roads and trails or must include a minimum of 21km of trail.
4) The course must have a cumulative elevation gain of 1000m or have an elevation difference of more than 500m.
Race Requirements (1) You must fully understand that you are responsible for yourself and be able to manage your own well-being. You must be able to
continue without outside assistance even during difficult race
conditions that may be encountered (including high elevations, poor weather, etc.)
(2) You must be aware that this race takes place in an outdoor
environment where there are other people using the trail. Wildlife may also be encountered. You must abide by the rules and regulations set out by the race to minimize the impact on the environment and as well as other people using the trail (non-racers, the general public).

This 63km/30km race takes place in a tough mountain environment with elevations up to 1,360m. Please be aware that in this kind of race, there are risks of bad weather, sickness, getting lost, falling, slipping, falling rocks and other injuries. When registering for this race, you must understand that you are responsible for your own safety and well-being during the race and understand and agree that the race organizer/director will not be held responsible or liable for any outcomes.
After completion of registration, your race fee is non-refundable.
Please read all the rules and regulations thoroughly and register if you agree to these rules.
Awards 1st – 6th place in men’s and women’s category (Top 6 by age)
Finishers certificate (if you complete the race within the cut-off time).
Other important points
(Also read the “Rules & Regulations” section)
① It is up to your own judgement whether to carry rainwear and other necessary gear with you during the race.
② Bring a copy of your insurance card (just in case). (*)
③ If you are 55 years or older, you must complete a medical checkup before the race.
④ The race may be cancelled if it is determined that the race cannot continue due to volcanic eruptions, an increase in the volcanic activity alerts, earthquakes, wind and water damage, uncontrollable incidents and accidents, etc. If the race is cancelled, it is up to the race organizer to determine whether the race fees or a portion thereof is to be refunded.
⑤ The race will provide emergency assistance but is not responsible or liable for any accidents during the race.
⑥ The race organizer holds the rights to use photos, video footage, race results, articles, etc. during the race in newspapers, magazines, television, internet, etc.

(*) For racers coming from overseas and do not live in Japan, it is strongly recommended that you obtain adequate travel insurance coverage for the duration of your stay as medical/emergency rescue fees can be extremely expensive in Japan. (While the race does provide some insurance, it assumes that you are enrolled in a domestic health insurance policy already and will most likely not be sufficient for overseas racers.)

■Transfer of Race Entries

This race allows race entries to be transferred to another runner as long as it is done within the deadline and is properly registered with the race organizer. To complete the transfer, contact the race office and provide your name, address, telephone number, etc. (Please contact the race office for full details of what needs to be provided.)
《 Race entry transfer deadline: Fri. May 31, 2019 》


■Sat. July 20, 2019

13:00 〜 17:00 Long & Short course racer check-in (at Ebino Kougen Hotel)
※Please bring your photo ID (e.g. passport, driver’s license) for racer check-in (no photocopies allowed)
※Racer check-in only available on the day before the race
14:30 〜 15:00Kids Course – racer check-in (Ebino Kougen Picnic Area)
15:15Kids Course - Opening Ceremony (Ebino Kougen Picnic Area)
15:30Kids Course – Race start (Ebino Kougen Picnic Area)
16:50Kids Course – Awards Ceremony (Ebino Kougen Picnic Area)
17:00 〜 17:15Long & Short course – Pre-race Briefing (Ebino Kougen Picnic Area)
17:15 〜 18:30
17:00 〜 18:30
Pre-race Party (Ebino Kougen Picnic Area)(Ebino Kougen rest center)
※Considering the weather, the start time and location have changed.
18:30 〜 20:00 Long & Short course racer check-in (at Ebino Kougen Hotel)
※Please bring your photo ID (e.g. passport, driver’s license) for racer check-in (no photocopies allowed)
※Racer check-in only available on the day before the race

■Sun. July 21, 2019

4:00 〜 4:30Baggage storage open
4:30Opening ceremony (Ebino Kougen Picnic Area)
5:00Race start (Ebino Kougen Picnic Area)
9:30Cut-off #1  (Kurinodake Recreation Village)
12:00Cut-off #2
(Ebino Kougen Picnic Area)
14:00Awards Ceremony – Men’s Category (planned)
15:00Cut-off #3 (Shiratori Onsen Shitayu)
17:00Awards Ceremony – Women’s Category (planned)
19:00Cut-off – Finish Line
(Ebino Kougen Picnic Area)
※Note: There are 3 cut-off points.
5:00 〜 5:30Baggage storage open
5:30Opening ceremony (Ebino Kougen Picnic Area)
6:00Race start (Ebino Kougen Picnic Area)
11:00Cut-off (Kurinodake Recreation Village)
13:00Awards Ceremony (planned)
14:00Cut-off – Finish Line (Ebino Kougen Picnic Area)
※Note: There is 1 cut-off point.


Kirishima Ebino-Kougen Extreme Trail Race Committee
1-A N-Building, Showa-cho, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki-ken, Japan 880-0874 c/o Universal Field Co., Ltd.
TEL: 0985-88-1001 (Available weekdays 10:00 – 17:00)
RACE WEBSITE http://universal-field.com/event/kirishima-ebino-extr/
RACE FACEBOOK PAGE http://www.facebook.com/kirishima.ebino.extr

Contact (English/Overseas):


TEL: +81-3-6903-2577
Avid Adventures Japan is coordinating the English/Overseas entries (www.avid-adventures.com)


This 63km/30km race takes place in a tough mountain environment with elevations up to 1,360m. Please be aware that in this kind of race, there are risks of bad weather, sickness, getting lost, falling, slipping, falling rocks and other injuries. When registering for this race, you must understand that you are responsible for your own safety and well-being during the race and understand and agree that the race organizer/director will not be held responsible or liable for any outcomes.


  • (1) This is a timed race along a given course.
  • (2) There are 3 cut-off points for the Long course. If you do not make the cut-off times at each of the cut-off points, you must stop racing, follow staff instructions and descend the mountain.
      ・Cut-off #1: Kurinodake Recreation Village (27km from start) cut-off 4 hours after start (9:30)
      ・Cut-off #2: Ebino Kougen Picnic Area (37.1km from start) cut-off within 7 hours after start (12:00)
      ・Cut-off #3: Shiratori Onsen Shitayu (50.5km from start) cut-off within 10 hours after starting (15:00)
      ・Once you’ve cleared the 3 cut-off points within the cut-off times, you must reach the finish line within the 14 hour time limit (19:00).
  • (3) There is 1 cut-off point for the Short course. If you do not make the cut-off time, you must stop racing, follow staff instructions and descend the mountain.
      ・Cut-off #1: Kurinodake Recreation Village (27km from start) cut-off 5 hours after start (11:00)
      ・Once you’ve cleared the cut-off point within the cut-off time, you must reach the finish line within the 8 hour time limit (14:00).
  • (4) All racers must complete racer check-in held the day before the race at the following:
      ・A representative may not check-in on your behalf. You must bring photo identification (such as a driver’s license).
      ・Sat. July 21 Ebino Kougensou Hotel


The race course passes through National Park land that goes through designated areas and regions where rare plants and animals exist. Given the importance of this natural environment, we ask you to fully understand and obey the following rules:

  • (1) The use of trekking poles is prohibited to lessen the impact on the trails.
  • (2) Stepping off the trails is prohibited. Passing other racers will also be prohibited between specified sections where necessary.
  • (3) Taking and/or damaging plants, animals, fungi and rocks along the course is prohibited.
  • (4) Cutting corners and taking short-cuts off the trail is prohibited as it damages the surrounding vegetation.
  • (5) Do not throw away garbage along the trail.
  • (6) Use the aid station toilets. If not possible, carry a disposal/portable toilet with you. Used toilet paper must not be left near/alongside the trails and must be carried out with you.
  • (7) Please try to use public transportation or car-pool to reduce carbon monoxide omissions.
  • (8) The protection and appropriate use of national parks are based upon Natural Park Environmental Protection Laws. See below for further details.
      ※Reference: National Park Regulations (within the Ministry of Environment website)


  • (1) If you encounter an injured or sick runner who cannot move on his/her own, please give priority to assisting that person.
  • (2) Please remember to show your appreciation to the volunteers, locals and supporters who make this race possible.
  • (3) The course is not owned by the race and is open to the general public. Please understand that the race must not interfere with others using the trails. When overtaking or passing others, slow down, walk and do so in a safe place. Also call out a greeting to let your presence be known to the hiker beforehand.
  • (4) Please be careful not to damage building/structures along the course.
  • (5) Do not enter areas outside of the race course.
  • (6) Stay on the sidewalk in places other than roads where the race has obtained permissions to use the road. Please follow staff instructions when crossing the road.
    • ●Rules and manners within the National Park
    • (1)Hikers/walkers have the right of way along the paths within the national park.
    • (2)When overtaking other hikers from behind, please call out to them to let them know that you’d like to pass. Do not run. Slow down and walk and pass the person in a safe place.
    • (3)When passing other hikers coming towards you, give them the right of way and allow them to pass by you in a safe place.
    • ●Aid Stations & Emergency Assistance
    • ・Aid Station 1 (A1) - Hizoe Forest Road Entrance
    • ・Aid Station 2 (A2) - Kurindake Recreation Village
    • ・Aid Station 3 (A3) – Ebino Kougen Picnic Area
    • ・Aid Station 4 (A4) – Shiratori Onsen Shitayu
    • (1) Food and drinks will be available at the aid stations (A1 – A4)
    • (2) Non-registered runners many not run with you along the course nor enter the restricted areas within the aid stations.
    • (3) Friends and family may provide support to runners at Aid Station 3 (A3) Ebino Kougen Picnic Area.


  • (1) The race has obtained permissions from land owners and property managers to place signs, marking ribbon and staff along the course. These signs and markers will mark the race course and ropes will be in place to mark dangerous sections in the mountains. Please follow staff instructions at all times.
  • (2) There will be “no overtaking/passing” sections as well as other sections with specific restrictions. Please abide by these restrictions.
  • (3) Runners may be asked to stop at intersection crossings. Please follow staff instructions.
  • (4) Signs and markers marking the race course will be set up just before the race and taken down immediately after the race.


  • (1) In order to ensure racer safety, the race organizer will do it’s best to maintain the course before the race and will provide rescue and emergency assistance during the race. You (the racer) must understand that this race takes place in the outdoors where there may be dangers/risks. Please be aware that you are responsible for your own well-being including injuries, sickness and accidents during the race.
  • (2) There will be emergency medical aid available as well as doctors or nurses at all of the aid stations. Each of these medical areas will be connected with the race headquarters via telephone or cell phone.
  • (3) Emergency medical assistance will be provided to anyone involved in the race, whether or not they are officially signed up, in order to aid anyone facing a dangerous situation.
    ※Depending on the conditions, it may take time to reach the person to provide emergency assistance.
    ※If a racer receives medical aid from a doctor or rescuer, he/she must go to a doctor or hospital after the race to get treatment. Please contact the race headquarters to communicate the treatment results.
  • (4) Doctors and rescuers have the authority to ask a racer to stop racing if he/she judges that the racer should not continue the race. If so, they will remove the IC timing chip and may also remove and take your racer bib.
  • (5) If the race is cancelled/stopped, the racer can return to the finish line by taking the race shuttle bus or have a supporter drive him/her. If you call a taxi, it is at your own expense.
  • (6) If it is determined that the racer requires emergency evacuation, an outside emergency rescue crew may be called. The expenses incurred for the emergency evacuation is at the expense of the person being rescued.
  • (7) The race organization is enrolled in insurance that covers accidents and damage within the following limits:
     ・Death & Disability: 3,000,000 Japanese Yen
     ・Hospitalization: 2,000 Japanese Yen (per day)
     ・Hospital Treatment: 1,500 Japanese Yen (per day)


  • ・The total number of racers starting the race and finishing the race will be tracked to account for all racers. Please ensure that you cross the tracking areas during the race.
  • ・If you decide to drop out of the race, you must tell race staff. If you drop out without telling anyone, the race will need to conduct a search for you.


You must tell race staff if you decide to drop out of the race. Once you drop out, you will not be able to start racing again.
※Keep your racer bib with you as you will need it to retrieve your checked-in luggage.

《Dropping out at an aid station》
  • (1) Tell race staff at the aid station that you will be dropping out of the race.
  • (2) You can take the race shuttle bus or your supporter’s car back to the start/finish area.
《Dropping out along the course》
  • (1) If you decide to drop out of the race while still out on the course, you must contact race headquarters to tell them that you are dropping out.
  • (2) If you are able to move on your own, go back to the previous aid station or go to the next aid station. If you are unable to move on your own, follow staff instructions.
    ※If you drop out while out on the course and you can no longer move, it will likely take time to reach you to provide assistance. If you are not confident about being able to continue, please stop and decide to drop out at an aid station.


Mandatory Equipment  ※You must carry these with you at all times during the race. You equipment may not be checked but it is mandatory to have these items with you.

  • (1) Course map
  • (2) Mobile phone - You must be able to make/receive calls in Japan with this mobile phone. Save the emergency phone number for race headquarters on your phone. Turn on the phone number display function.
  • (3) Personal cup. (Paper cups will not be provided at the aid stations.)
  • (4) Water (A minimum of 1L of water at the start line)
  • (5) Race bib provided by the race
  • (6) Food
  • (7) First aid kit (such as band aids)
  • (8) Light (the Long course will start when it’s still dark out)
  • **After discussions with our medical associates, the 1L of water is considered mandatory gear and will be checked before the race.


You may be pulled out of the race and asked to stop for the following reasons:

  • (1) Cutting corners and taking short-cuts off the trail.
  • (2) Not having your mandatory equipment.
  • (3) Throwing out garbage (including your supporters).
  • (4) Running with other people who are not racers.
  • (5) Cheating and prohibited actions (such as using transportation means other than by foot, using substitute runners and other unlawful actions)
  • (6) Not having your racer bib and IC chips on you during the race.
  • (7) Not following the instructions of race official staff, doctors and rescuers.
  • (8) Continuing to race after the cut-off times.
  • (9) Using trekking poles along the course (trekking poles are prohibited).


【Responsibility of the Racer】
  • ・You are responsible for yourself when participating in this race.
【Responsibility of the Race Organizer】
  • ・Any non-deliberate damage by race participants to property along the race course (e.g. plants and animals, objects, trails, etc.)
  • ・Signs and course markings along the course
  • ・Staff safety
    ※The race is enrolled in liability and damage insurance but it is recommended that racers enrol in their own insurance policy.


The race organizer reserves the right to cancel or cut-short/stop the race for the following reasons. In such a case, the race will not be postponed to a later date.

  • ・Severe weather warnings sent out by the meteorological agency.
  • ・Potential environmental damage to the trails by holding the race due to continued rainfall.
  • ・The race is unable to ensure runner safety due to risks such as landslides and rockfalls along the course.
  • ・Natural disasters (warnings given out by the "Shinendake Volcano Eruption Warning” center).
  • ・Earthquakes near the race course, heavy rains and strong winds in the area including weather warnings, landslide disaster warnings. In such a case, the race organizer will judge whether or not to cancel, stop or change/shorten the race.
  • ・Earthquakes, wind and water damage, snow, incidents, accidents, sickness. In such a case, the race organizer will decide whether to hold the race or shorten the race as well as how this will be communicated.
  • ・The decision as to whether or not the race will be cancelled will be made on the day before the race or on the day of the race and will be communicated via the official race website. Please do not call the race headquarters. If the race is stopped/cancelled during the race, this will be officially communicated at the aid stations.
  • ・The race does not provide refunds of race entry fees under any conditions.


・The race organizer holds the rights to use photos, video footage, race results, articles, etc. during the race in newspapers, magazines, television, internet, etc.